2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition




The International Horticultural Exhibition is celebrated as the “Olympics” in the international horticultural community. Qingdao International Horticultural Exhibition 2014 is the largest one of its kind hosted by the Qingdao city and the Shandong Province since 1949 and also an international event of the highest profile since Qingdao’s successful organization of the Olympic and Paralympic sailing competitions in 2008. To deliver a spectacular expo is of great significance for promoting Qingdao’s development, displaying its charm and enhancing its image.

First, the Expo presents Qingdao a new opportunity to speed up its development. Currently, Qingdao is at the crucial stage of following the scientific outlook on development, changing its development pattern and staying ahead in development. Following the Olympic and Paralympic sailing competitions, the Expo will help to foster a stronger sense of pride in Qingdao among the citizens and increase the enthusiasm of all sectors about participating in the efforts to achieve sustained and sound economic and social development.

Second, the Expo inspires Qingdao to undertake new initiatives to grow into a better city. One of the primary tasks facing Qingdao is to narrow down the south-north gap in the city proper. Through hosting the Expo, Qingdao will improve the overall planning for the northern city, speed up the development of its infrastructure and eco-environment, and increase its service capacity remarkably.

Third, the Expo offers a new driving force for the growth of Qingdao’s tourism industry. Coastal tourism has been a feature of Qingdao. The half-a-year Expo will attract at least 10 million visitors, which will bring considerable business opportunities to catering, accommodation, transport, business and other service industries. The Expo Park to be built will be a new eco-tourism spot themed on landscape art, which will help to shift the focus of Qingdao’s tourism from sightseeing to leisure.

Fourth, the Expo provides a new platform for Qingdao to present itself to the international community. As the world’s highest level of horticultural expo, every International Horticultural Exhibition helps to increase the international influence of the host city substantially. Expo 2014 will help to promote the exchanges between Qingdao and the rest of the world, create the environment required for an international city, and attract more investment from both home and abroad, thus bringing Qingdao closer to the international community.

Fifth, the Expo adds a new highlight to Qingdao. Thanks to the Olympic and Paralympic sailing competitions, Qingdao is famed as the “City of Sailing”. Expo 2014 will be presented in the Baiguoshan Forest Park in Licang District, making it the first horticultural expo held in a mountainous area and in a coastal city in China. It will once again draw attention from around the world. In addition, while displaying its natural beauty, Qingdao will better show its culture and establish a new image.

Opening Time

Time: April 25 - Oct 25, 2014
Open: April 25, 2014
Close: Oct 25, 2014

April 25 – June 2
Sept 1 – Oct 25
9:00am - 6:00pm
Last entry: 5:00pm
Last tickets are sold at 5:00pm

June 3 – August 31
9:00am - 10:00pm
Last entry: 9:00pm
Last tickets are sold from 9:00am - 10:00pm