2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition


Message from Vic Krahn, President of AIPH


It is my privilege and pleasure to be able to congratulate the organizers and supporters of the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao on the opening of the expo. Many years of planning and hard work have finally reached fruition with the result being a stellar world-class Horticultural Exhibition that demonstrates why plants and the landscape matter so much to our world.

It is well proven now that plants improve the environment as well as human health and wellbeing. Many cities still need to learn the importance of this but Qingdao in 2014 is showing the world what can be achieved.

I commend you for your efforts and know that you will see the benefits that come from investing in your environment. Many cities can testify to the benefits gained from hosting an international horticultural exposition. I am sure that your exposition will inspire the citizens of Qingdao in just the same way.

People will travel from all over the world to Qingdao to see what you have prepared and I am confident that they will be delighted with what they see. Millions of people will be inspired by what you have done and the benefits will be enjoyed today and in future generations.

AIPH is pleased to have approved this exposition and I wish you well over the coming months and as the site takes its place in your city for years to come.

Mr. Vic Krahn

President, AIPH