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The Protestant Church of Jiangsu Road in Qingdao

The Protestant Church of Jiangsu Road in Qingdao

The Protestant Church of Jiangsu Road stands on the hill in Jiangsu road in the south of Qingdao. Jiangsu Road Church was formerly called the International Church or the Qingdao Gospel Church. During the days of German occupation it was called the church of the German Provincial Commander in chief or simply the German Church. The German government took the event of Caozhou religious issue, cooking up as a pretext, occupied Qingdao by force and appointed the so called Provincial commander in chief who was a member of the Lutheran Church or the Berlin Church. They built this church in Qingdao for German Christians to worship God. It is a big church which can hold a congregation of 1,400 people.

The construction of the church began in 1908 and completed in 1910. It was magnificent medieval castle architecture with granite arches and rough, thick walls, the church construction of primitive simplicity which was designed by a German architect named Curt Roth Kegel. The church is 1297 square meters in total floor area, and is topped by the 36 meter high bell tower. Jiangsu road church had an identical twin in Germany that was destroyed during World War II. Given this; it is even more precious and attractive to visitors. In 1992, Jiangsu road Church was listed as a historical site under provincial government protection. Since 1999, the church has welcomed tourists. Apart from offering religious services, the church is a popular tourist destination in the city, receiving visitors from home and abroad.

The bell tower was set up to the main building with three clocks mounted on three sides of the tower. Striking the hours by mechanical device thus earned it the popular name - "clock tower". Since 1993 the operation of the clock had been changed over to electrically powered equipment. Inside the tower was one big bell and two small bells in their original form. They are well preserved and working in good order original form. They are well preserved and remain in good order right now.

Inside the church you can see the arch roof and pendant lamps. The floor is paved with ceramic tiles in dark red color. The altar and the raised platform are decorated with carved grey marble. On the second floor formerly were the choir seats and pipe organ. Underground, the boiler room and two exits to the back yard.

The church as a whole appeared respectfully in harmonious color. The roof is covered with red tiles while the top of the bell tower is in green, and yellow walls have wave lines decorated with beautiful stones in mushroom form. The imposing façade, all in solemn silence is most impressive.

The Protestant Church of Jiangsu Road in Qingdao

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