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St. Michael's Cathedral


St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral

Before 1900, there is a Catholic church in Qingdao which was built by the German Missioner Bai Mingde, at that time served in the Yanzhou diocese, who bought the area of land north from Qufu Road to south approaching Anhui road; east from Dexian Road to west at Zhejiang Road. The construction of the stoned foundation bungalow started in 1900 and finished in the year 1902. This was the first Catholic church in Qingdao's history which formed the centre of Qingdao's Christianity. On 1 February, 1925, the Qingdao diocese was established which controlled Jiao xian, Gao mi, Ji mo, Zhu cheng, Rizhao, Linyi, Tan cheng, Fei xian, Meng yin, Yi shui and Ju xian. On 18 March the same year, the Roman Catholic church appointed German Pador, Father Wei Changlu as the acting bishop of Qingdao diocese. On 23 September 1928, in the Catholic Church in Yanzhou, he was ordained by the ambassador of Vatican, the Italian bishop Gang yiheng - the bishop of Qingdao diocese.

Inside, you will find a very large hall with 7 big chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. At the far end of the hall is the altar. On ceiling above the altar dome is the fresco of Holy Heaven; with two Latin prayers: GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO at left side and VENITE ADOREMUS DOMINUM at right which means: Glory the exclusively highest Lord and please let's worship Him.

The interior height in the middle is 18 meters. The windows were all painted with Biblical stories and were embodied with brilliant colorful glasses which give the church interior very beautiful colors and fill each worshipper with a feeling of heavenly serenity! On the choir balcony, there used to be one of the two biggest organs in Asia with altogether 2400 pipes which itself could completely make up an orchestra. Unfortunately it was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, but in April 2008, Qingdao Diocese ordered a new one from Germany with similar capacity but more splendid with developed function while still remains very classic. The new organ costs a sum of more than ten million. It will ensure the developing of good combination of Catholic belief with the thousands - years - old Chinese culture and will add to the prestige of the coming Olympic games in Qingdao.

The Father Tiangengxin, come to Qingdao an on behalf to herd the bishop from the Yanggu diocese of Shandong in 1942 since the diocese of Qingdao opens to teach.

December 29 of 1987, the father Hanxirang tin lets win an election for positive power in diocese in Qingdao, Filled up diocese 40 years in Qingdao the bishop of out lack.

St. Michael's Cathedral
St. Michael's Cathedral

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