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Badaguan Scenic Spot

Badaguan Scenic Spot

Built early in the twentieth century, Badaguan Scenic Spot was basically formed in the 1930s through an ongoing construction programme. It is called "Badaguan" due to the reason that its eight roads were named after China’s important passes (now it has ten roads, as another two roads were built later), and they are Shaoguan Road、Ningwuguan Road、Zijingguan Road、Shanhaiguan Road、Juyongguan Road、Linhuaiguan Road、Zhengyangguan Road、Hangguguan Road、Jiayuguan Road、and Wushengguan Road, which form the seaside scenic spot of several kilometers along Huiquan Bay and Taiping Bay.

The trees planted on their sidewalks vary from road to road, contrasting pleasingly with all kinds of buildings. There are crepe myrtles in Zhengyuangguan Road, cedars in Zijingguan Road, peaches in Shaoguan Road and Chinese flowering crabapples in Ningwuguan Road.

Most buildings in "Badaguan" are villas with independent courtyards, typical of the modern European architectural style. It is known as "Architectural Fair of All Nations", with famous buildings such as "Stone House", "Princess Villa", etc. In June 1992, it was rated by Shandong Provincial Government as the major historical and cultural site under provincial protection. It was evaluated as "the most beautiful city area of china" in October 2005.

Badaguan Scenic Spot
Map of Badaguan Scenic Spot
Badaguan Scenic Spot
The Princess Villa
Badaguan Scenic Spot
The Stone House
Badaguan Scenic Spot
TheStone House

Badaguan Scenic Spot
Badaguan Scenic Spot

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