2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition


Frequently asked questions about ticket


I Ticket Use

Q: What kinds of tickets does the International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao have?

A: Two types: individual and group. The individual is either fixed day or standard day, with general tickets and special tickets for the former and general tickets, special tickets and night tickets for the latter. The group tickets can be general group or student group. There are no complimentary tickets, so everyone has to buy one, with the exception of children less than 1.3 meters tall.

Q: What's the difference between fixed and standard in the individual tickets?

A: The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao runs from April 25 to Oct 25 and, because of the visitor flow at similar large expos in recent years, there are now designated days: the opening (April 25 - 27), May Day Holiday (3 days), Dragon Boat Festival (3 days), Mid-Autumn Festival (3 days), National Day Holiday (7 days), and the closing (Oct 23 - 25, for 22 days in all). There are 162 standard days.

Q: What exactly is a designated ticket?

A: It is used for crowd control to restrict the number of visitors through higher ticket prices and limited sales, based on predicted visitor flow.

Q: Are the dates printed on designated tickets?

A: Yes, and visitors can choose any day of designated days they want , but these tickets cannot be used on other days.

Q: Will the designated ticket be a waste if it's not used on designated days?

A: No. Expo rules say that if a designated ticket is not used on designated days, it can be used for standard days.

Q: What is a night ticket?

A: It's an individual ticket for use after 4pm, June through August and can be purchased 4pm - 7pm, for 60 yuan.

Q: Who are the special tickets for?

A: They are for people with disabilities, the elderly, primary school, middle school, high school, and higher education students, children more than 1.3meters tall, and military personnel, a valid ID.

Q: What documents do the elderly, students, people with disabilities, and soldiers on active duty need to get a special ticket?

A: The elderly need an ID card with a birth date before Dec 31, 1954. Students need a student ID card or other student card. This applies to foreign students, postgraduates, vocational school, and junior college students as well. Those in continuing education, online education, or adult education are not included. People with disabilities need a Disabled Persons Federation, civil affairs, or army card. This applies to foreigners as well. Active duty soldiers can use their military ID.

Q: Who qualifies for free admission?

A: Children less than 130 cm tall accompanied by an adult.

Q: Can night tickets be purchased at a ticket outlet in advance?

A: No. Night tickets are only sold at the expo, July to August, for crowd control. The four kinds of individual tickets can be bought at designated outlets.

Q: Are there any family tickets?

A: No. This year’s exp has no family tickets, but it encourages families to visit and offers them great service and convenience.

Q: Are there any multiple-use tickets this year?

A: No. They're not being used because they make it difficult to predict the number of visitors.

Q: Why doesn't the expo use a real-name ticketing system?

A: They make ticket sales less convenient and services less efficient.

Q:Do expo tickets guarantee access to all expo pavilions?

A: Yes. Most horticultural expositions provide access to all pavilions unless otherwise designated.

Q: Can people enter and exit the site more than once with one ticket?

A: No. This year's tickets can only be used one time by one person.

Q. Does the ticket come with any food or drinks at the site?

A: No. Those have to be paid for.

II Additional

Q: What are this year's tickets made of?

A: They are environmentally friendly materials.

Q: What is special about this year's ticket?

A: It allows easy, quick entry and helps us keeps track of the number of visitors.

Q: Does this year's ticket have an e-chip in it?

A: It uses an RFID chip.

III Prices

Q: What about this year's ticket prices?

A: The general rule is to stick to a price that is acceptable to most people, with some discounts for special groups, and advance or group purchases encouraged. Prices may vary for high and low seasons. The organizing committee did a month-long survey of ticket demand and prices at other expos and major scenic spots to reach a conclusion on prices.

IV Ticket sales

Q: Are there any difference in the way tickets are sold this year?

A: There are three phases: the first was July 15 - Oct 15, 2013, group tickets for designated days and standard days; the second, Oct 16, 2013 - March 31, 2014, group tickets and individual tickets for designated days and standard days; and, the third, April 1 - Oct 25, group tickets and individual tickets for designated days, reduced-rate tickets for designated days, standard days, also reduced rate for standard days, also night tickets sold on the spot June- August.

Q: Why are tickets only available for groups in the first phase?

A: Since the expo encourages advance, group, and organization purchased, it used the first phase to sell them to government agencies, schools, enterprises, public institutions and social organizations. Group purchases were done through ticket agents that could not sell them in any other way.

Q: When were the tickets made available to the public?

A: They started Oct 16, 2013, at various sales outlets, online, and over the phone through designated ticket agent. After the expo opens, on April 25, people can buy them on the spot. They can also visit the expo with a tour group arranged by designated travel agencies.

Q: Can people buy group tickets for their own group?

A: No. Group tickets are meant to encourage organized visits at different times of the year and are not available to the public. Ordinary group tickets are sold as travel products by agencies while student group tickets are handled by designated travel agencies or education institutions.

Q: Are designated day purchases done by drawing lots?

A: No. This type of ticket is based on possible visitor peaks, with restrictions on certain days, increased prices and limited sales. Starting Oct 16, 2013, a limited number of these kinds of tickets was sold to individuals who bought them early.

Q: Is there a discount for advance purchases?

A: Yes. To encourage advance purchases, the expo offers a discount.

Q: How can we get information on designated ticket outlets?

A: Information on the expo's outlets is available at: www.qingdaoexpo2014.org.

Q: How do we get tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies?

A:These tickets are different from ordinary tickets. The opening and closing ceremonies are still being arranged and more information will be available in due time.

Q:What if people lose their ticket?

A:The expo doesn't use a real-name ticketing system so you need to be careful with your ticket. If people lose their ticket, they have to buy another.

Q. Are there any refunds?

A: No. Once a ticket is sold it cannot be exchanged or returned. Please read the instructions carefully before buying.

Opening Time

Time: April 25 - Oct 25, 2014
Open: April 25, 2014
Close: Oct 25, 2014

April 25 – June 2
Sept 1 – Oct 25
9:00am - 6:00pm
Last entry: 5:00pm
Last tickets are sold at 5:00pm

June 3 – August 31
9:00am - 10:00pm
Last entry: 9:00pm
Last tickets are sold from 9:00am - 10:00pm