2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • Brand Ambassador2014-04-16

    There are six brand ambassadors for the Expo.

  • Partners2014-04-04

    The parters include China Taiping, Haier, BROAD Group, Bank of Qingdao, Reyslee, China Mobile and Shandong Airlines.

  • Emblem2014-04-04

    The core graphic symbol is the oracle-bone inscription of Chinese character “艺”, which echoes the theme “From the earth, for the Earth”.

  • Mascot2014-04-04

    The mascot is named “Qingqing” which may indicate the city of Qingdao and the old Chinese saying that blue-green (qing) comes from but also excels blue.

  • Overview2011-12-30

    Duration: April-October, 2014

    Site: Baiguo Mountain Forest Park, Qingdao

    Theme: "From the earth, for the Earth"

  • Significance2011-12-30

    To deliver a spectacular expo is of great significance for promoting Qingdao’s development, displaying its charm and enhancing its image.

  • History2011-12-30

    Over the past century, particularly in the last couple of decades, countries around the world have been vying to host the International Horticultural Exhibition.