2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • Chinese Garden2014-04-11

    The red-colored Chinese Garden is themed “Chinese Gathering, Horticultural Stage” and its layout features “auspicious cloud”.

  • Floriculture Garden2014-04-11

    The orange-colored Floriculture Garden is themed on “Flowers, Creativity, Green Ocean”.

  • Caogang (Herbal) Garden2014-04-11

    The yellow-colored Caogang (Herbal) Garden is themed on “Grateful to Nature, A Dialogue with Life”.

  • Children's Dream Garden2014-04-11

    The green-colored Children's Dream Garden is themed on “Cognition, Imagination——Happy Gardening”.

  • Science Garden2014-04-11

    The blue-green-colored Science Garden is themed on “Discovery, Exploration, Thinking——Love Nature”.

  • Enterprise Garden2014-04-11

    The blue-colored Enterprise Garden is themed on “The Future of the Green Industry” and its layout features “leaf sprout”.

  • International Garden2014-04-11

    The purple-colored International Garden is themed on “World Horticultural Stage” and its layout features “green olive”.

  • Mountain Garden2014-04-11

    The Mountain Garden is built based on the original terrain and abundant vegetation.

  • Tea Garden2014-04-11

    The Tea Garden is themed on “Overflowing Tea Scent, Spreading Tea Culture”. It is designed to promote the tea culture of Qingdao and China.

  • Agriculture Garden2014-04-10

    The Agriculture Garden is themed on “Back to the Field, Experience Farming”.

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