2014 qingdao International Horticultural Exposition

  • Gaillardia x grandiflora2014-04-11

    The Gaillardia x grandiflora is an ornamental plant, which has red and yellow petals.

  • Osmanthus fragrans2014-04-10

    Osmanthus fragrans is also named laurel, devilwood and osmanthus tree. It belongs to the the family Oleaceae.

  • Sasa fortunei (Van Houtte) Fiori2014-04-11

    Sasa fortunei (Van Houtte) Fiori is native to Japan. The leaf blade is 5-9 cm long and 7–10 cm broad, with white villous on both sides, and is green with yellow or light yellow vertical stripes.

  • Nemesia strumosa2014-04-11

    This is an annual herbaceous, tall plant. It grows in loose, fertile soil and blooms in pink. The plant can put up with half shade.

  • Anemone flaccida Fr. Schmidt2014-04-11

    Anemone flaccida Fr. Schmidt is an herbaceous perennial plant and grows from 50 cm to 70 cm.

  • Androsace umbellate2014-04-11

    This plant is native to moist fields, and is widespread.

  • Alocasia macrorrhiza2014-04-11

    Alocasia macrorrhiza is a native of the outer regions of tropical rainforests, in the valleys of wild banana forests and in the bank of agricultural ditches.

  • Aquilegia glandulosa2014-04-11

    It is a two-colored plant that is usually red and white, pink and yellow, or blue and white.

  • Sagittaria sagittifolia2014-04-11

    Sagittaria sagittifolia is native to wetlands throughout the temperate regions of Europe and Asia.

  • Papaver nudicaule2014-04-11

    The Iceland Poppy is a boreal flowering plant.

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